Hello everyone!

Lichcraft would like to wish everyone a happy new year! This year has been great for Lichcraft, we've expanded tonnes with new gamemodes, plugins, general improvements around the servers, builds, the completely new website design and also so many awesome new users. We cannot thank everyone enough for being a part of our community! We've got big plans for 2015, if all goes well it should be even more epic than this year. A little sneak preview into that is something I'm sure you've all noticed, the big OP Prison sign in our Hub. That's just one of the many new things you'll be seeing around Lichcraft in 2015!

Now, because the Alienware computer was not claimed in last months voting results. This month we'll be giving away 2 of them! Along with the other prizes, coupons & paypal cash. Results and links will be posted tomorrow when hellobrad100 is livestreaming.

Prize winners for December 2014:

1st - TotalNutz - Alienware X51 PC - Worth $1,250

2nd - Deans798 - Alienware X51 PC - Worth $1,250

3rd - BALLER880 - $500 cash on Paypal

4th - GlitterDuck10565 - $300 Coupon on the Lichcraft store

5th - xza100 - $100 Coupon on the Lichcraft store

6th - JKDPaez - $50 Coupon on the Lichcraft store

Also the other massive change is our Hub. This is the biggest and most epic Hub we've ever gone for. It's got a true Lich undead feel to it. Hope everyone loves the look of it as much as we do!


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