Hello Lichcrafters!


Nick1993 will be streaming LIVE on Twitch today (04/30/2016) at 8:00PM CST.  Use this link to connect to his channel: https://www.twitch.tv/nick1993_

Read more here: http://www.lichcraft.com/forums/m/4752846/viewthread/26825137-lichcraft-stream/post/last#last

NEW Lichcraft Store:

We have officially released the new Lichraft store which can be found at store.lichcraft.com or by clicking on "store" at the top of the page.  We have included a monthly subscription for only $9.99 USD named "Supporter."  Included in this subscription is access to banners, gadgets, glow, hats, morphs, particles, pets, tags, hub tools, /nick, /afk, /tpahere, color signs, console bans limited to 12 hours, and much more!  Simply visit our store, click on subscription, click buy and view everything that is included.

Here are other awesome things you can purchase in our new store:

  • Global Boosters (Coins on mini games: 10, 30, 70, & 100)
  • Pets ("Your head pet" will be the shape and texture of your head and will follow you everywhere you go on ALL servers.)
  • Tags (Customer tags such as [Pro], [Master], [Expert], and many more.)
  • Hats  (Custom hats that will display on ALL servers.)

We hope you enjoy our new store... Keep an eye out, we will have more great things to purchase in the future!

*Note:  Please keep in mind majority of these features are new to Lichcraft, so we may experience "bugs" with some of these items.  Current known issues: /nick is not going cross server, tags are not displaying correctly, and glow is not working properly.  We will have all of these issues fixed very soon!*

Staff Promotions:

Congratulations to [Moderator] ItsGriffin_ & [Moderator] KawaiiWendell for being promoted from [Chatmod] to [Moderator]... We Love our staff team!

Welcome our newest [Chatmod] TheOneAlex!

April Voting Livestream:

You can watch the stream here - www.twitch.com/lichcraft22

If you missed the action, you can find it here!

The stream was held on - Friday April 8, 2016 at 3:00PM EST

Winners of this months voting results will be displayed below. Thanks to everyone that supports us by voting... We look forward to seeing you at the livestream!

1. $250 Paypal Cash:  RedForce65

2. $200 Store Coupon:  sadpotato_

3. $100 Store Coupon:  Mythrizer

4. $50 Store Coupon:  jareth97

5. $25 Store Coupon:  Admiral_Junno

Check your in game mail for coupon codes!

Thank you,

Nick1993, Lichcraft Administrator

BooJaa Is there no /jump anymore because off the EULA? Why?
ProCat_ I sorta like the new stuff, its nice to have a change. I miss the old ranks, tho, but I understand that EULA and stuff. ...
DonnySasquatch where can I apply for Chatmod? I can't seem to find it I have read the requirements already. Thanks